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Robbery or Armed Robbery

Jeffry Mandell has been a Criminal Lawyer in Chicago for over 40 years representing clients charged with Robbery.

Armed Robbery is when you take something of value from another person while using a weapon. Robbery is when you take something from a person without a weapon. Armed Robbery is a Class X Felony. Robbery is a Class 1 Felony. Both of these are very serious charges and have substantial penalties that include large fines and jail time.  It would best to consult with a Robbery Lawyer as soon as possible.

Here are some strategies for defending against Robbery or Armed Robbery:

  • Proving that you didn’t have a weapon to drop the charge from Armed Robbery to Robbery. This can have a significant impact on the type of penalties that you might receive for a conviction. Consult with your attorney to see if this is an option in your case.
  • If you can prove that there was some sort of misidentification in the case, this will help you in defending against this charge. Identifying someone that has committed robbery can be very difficult and there are numerous examples of the victim making a mistake. Make sure to go over the evidence in your case with an attorney to determine if this would be the best defense for you.