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Mr. Mandell is incredibly professional and demonstrates a great understanding of the law. He also knows the intricacies of the court system very well. I would recommend him to anyone I know!


One of the best lawyers that I've seen He does help fight your case!!!

- LS

Mr. Mandell was incredibly Knowledgeable and helpful in helping me resolve my issue with my landlord. Very professional and a heck of a nice guy too. Thank you Mr. Mandell.


Mr. Mandell is an outstanding lawyer and an extremely nice person and incredible professional. He is very respectful and genuinely cares about his clients and helps to resolve their problems. He's very knowledgeable and leaves nothing to a chance. What he does is very impressive and beyond what words can describe.


Mr. Mandell is an excellent and knowledgeable criminal attorney. When we first met Mr.Mandell he told us what his objectives would be to defend our case. Basically everything that he told us what he would do to defend our case was done. I am very grateful to have had Mr. Mandell as my attorney, and would highly recommend him.


Mr. Mandell is a highly knowledgeable attorney and he definitely knows his way around a courtroom. He leaves nothing to chance and truly cares for his clients. He let us know where the pitfalls were and he was absolutely right. Our outcome was positive and we owe it all to Mr. Mandell.