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Possession of Stolen Property

Jeffry Mandell has been a Defense Lawyer in Chicago for over 40 years.

Possession of Stolen Property is when someone is in possession of anything of value that is stolen. This could include a watch, computer, mobile phone, jewelry, collectibles, appliances, etc. This does not necessarily mean that the person has stolen the item – only that they are in possession of the item. One example of this is if your car has been stopped and the police find goods from a retail store with security tags on it, you could be charged with Possession of Stolen Property without being charged with Retail Theft.

A misdemeanor charge is for items of value less than $500 and a felony charge is for items over $500 in value. The full list of charges and penalties are the same as listed on the page.

Here are some strategies for defending against Possession of Stolen Property:

  • You need to show knowledge of how you came into possession of the goods.
  • If you can prove that you did not know the items were stolen.
  • Reducing the charge to a misdemeanor based on prior record and strength of the prosecution’s case.

For all situations, make sure to consult with a criminal defense attorney and go over the evidence in your case to determine the best strategy for your case.