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Deceptive Practices (Fraud, Identity Theft, etc)

Jeffry Mandell has been a Defense Attorney in Chicago for over 40 years.

Deceptive practices is a wide ranging charge that include a number of crimes. Fraud in when you deceive a person or business for financial gain. For instance, if you sell something that you don’t have title to. Also, if you take money from where you work without disclosing it. In most cases, fraud is a felony because it is a significant amount of money. Fraud charges are complicated and speaking with an experienced attorney is essential to preparing the best possible defense for your case.

Identify Theft

Identify Theft is when you misrepresent your identity for your own personal gain. This includes trying to obtain a credit card or loan with someone else’s identify. It also includes other situations where you misrepresent yourself as someone that you are not.

For these charges, make sure to consult with a fraud lawyer and go over the evidence in your case to determine the best strategy for your case.