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Chicago Criminal Lawyer

Jeffry Mandell is a Chicago criminal lawyer with over 40 years of experience.

Mr. Mandell’s knowledge of the law, years of experience and dedication to hard work is a great benefit to all his clients. He has tried hundreds of cases in which he has received favorable judgments for his clients.

The skills and knowledge of an experienced criminal defense attorney can have a big impact on your future if you have been arrested. Enlisting the services of the right criminal defense lawyer can determine the difference between conviction and a dismissal of charges, or between jail time and a reduced sentence. Mr. Mandell understands the effect a conviction can have on your life, from your freedom, should you face jail time, to your ability to find a job or obtain certain licenses. He will fight to protect your rights, minimize the negative impact of your arrest and achieve a more favorable outcome for your case.

Experienced, Aggressive Chicago Criminal Lawyer

When facing a criminal charge of any sort, from a misdemeanor to a felony, it is critical that you begin challenging the charge against you and preparing your defense quickly. Illinois law requires certain petitions and requests be filed within specified periods of time. Jeffry Mandell’s years of experience have made him familiar with the intricacies of Illinois law. Mr. Mandell will put his knowledge and experience to work helping you navigate the challenges of your case.

You deserve a Chicago criminal lawyer who will thoroughly research your case and use all available legal remedies to protect your rights. This may include negotiating with prosecutors to minimize penalties, finding expert witnesses to testify on your behalf and speaking with police and witnesses to expose any potential flaws or exaggerations in the accusations against you. Jeffry Mandell will take on the challenges of your case with the goal of having the charges against you reversed or dismissed so you can get your life back on track.

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